Using Your Body To Estimate Length

Contrary to popular belief, many everyday life math applications don’t actually require complex calculations or precise solutions. Should you need to measure an approximate length, but don’t have a measuring tape in sight, do note that you always have a trusty one nearby; your body. Yes, your ever dependable body can function as a quick length gauge should the need arise. Say goodbye to looking for that crumpled tape measure, and start measuring things your way.

The ever trusty hand: The average of your palm measures about 4 inches, or 10 centimeters.

Put your best foot forward: Your foot measures at about 12 inches in length.

Your forearm from elbow to fingertip: Your extended forearm measures about 1.5 feet. That’s 46 centimeters for you.

From nose to your fingertips: The space between from your nose to your fingertips when your arms are outstretched is around a yard (36 inches). A tried and tested measurement method back in the day; your grandmother may have used it.

The space of one complete stride: Also known as a pace, it measures around 58 inches, just short of 6 feet. Back in the Roman empire, they relied on this particular unit of measurement, you can too!

These substitute measurements are meant to be used as estimates and shouldn’t be taken as a precise measurement. To help you gauge a more accurate measurement with the use of your body is to know the width of your palm, the length of your feet and so forth. Through proper usage, you can start making more accurate measurements in the future. Whoever said you had to have a measuring with you at all times?

Give yourself a pat on the back for being a human ruler!

Through the ages, people have been utilizing their bodies as a means to measure length estimates. Now so can you!